Working More Than Dreaming

I know it’s been a while but we are working more than dreaming. “To My Kin” Shipping June 19, 2021 We built the online store and approved the sample copy, we are off to print!! Preorder Today The book is an anthology of youth stories, poems, and narratives surrounding the theme of Black Joy. To MyContinue reading “Working More Than Dreaming”

Writing BlackJoy Contest Winners

We’re thrilled to share the winners of the Writing Black Joy Contest, sponsored in partnership with MBK Boston, 826 Boston, and GrubStreet. This contest was launched on September 12th, 2020, which was officially declared Black Joy Day in the City of Boston. Black Joy Day is a time to appreciate and celebrate our power to uplift ourselves and othersContinue reading “Writing BlackJoy Contest Winners”

We Belong Everywhere: Celebrating Those Living Their Dream

Good Morning,The BlackJoy Project and coalition of partners invites you to our first Black History Month celebration: “We Belong Everywhere: Celebrating those Living their Dream.” As we move through today’s health, economic, and structural racism pandemics, we believe it’s important to be leaders and active participants in every arena, especially law enforcement. We also believeContinue reading “We Belong Everywhere: Celebrating Those Living Their Dream”

BlackJoy Writing Contest

Over the last several months, I’ve read many news reports of our pain, suffering, how we are the most affected by COVID-19. In the media, just being Black has become synonymous with some sort of calamity. Yet over this same period on calls and zoom, I’ve listened to uplifting stories and had beautiful conversations about #Blackjoy:Continue reading “BlackJoy Writing Contest”

Joy is a Revolutionary Act

You know I’m a sunrise guy. Join me this Saturday September 12th at Franklin Park “Playstead” area for a social distance event! “Mask Required “BlackJoy Day Gathering and Launch” at PlayStead Park across from the Giraffe entrance of the Franklin Park Zoo, 6:30 – 7:00am: Tai Chi, Qigong meditation and movement. 7:00 – 8:00am: SpokenContinue reading “Joy is a Revolutionary Act”

Face Our Fears Without Flinching

“Our deepest fear,” wrote Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love, is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”, these words resonated with me as I processed the hateful messages that I received throughout this last week with the announcement of September 12th as “BlackJoy Day” inContinue reading “Face Our Fears Without Flinching”