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I find, in being black, a thing of beauty: a joy, a strength, a secret cup of gladness. -Ossie David

Artist Project Statement

 “BlackJoy” has a lot of different meanings. For some, it is living radiantly and unapologetically in your skin – being fierce and in a true celebration of yourself no matter what your personal or collective circumstance. For others, “BlackJoy” is dancing, singing, and laughing even in the most challenging times.  It’s surrounding yourself with your culture and people, as well as feeling safe and at home.  

For me, accepting your blackness without any obstructions, while embracing “BlackJoy” in all its magnificence is not only captivating, but one of the most potent sources of power and beauty.  As a photographer, I have had the opportunity to bear witness and capture some of these moments of radiating BlackJoy, often unintentionally, but no less meaningful and profound. I have come to believe that it is important for us to document every part of the Black experience as both a form of cultural appreciation and preservation“BlackJoy” is my contribution to the collective narrative of the power and influence of black traditions in the world.  It is a testimony of the strength and resilience of our people.  Most importantly, it is a love letter to Black people. I see you in all your glory and splendor.

Thaddeus Miles

What will you find on the blog: A collection of writing, poems, interviews, and photos that reflect the multidimensional experience of “BlackJoy.”

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