BlackJoy Writing Contest

Over the last several months, I’ve read many news reports of our pain, suffering, how we are the most affected by COVID-19. In the media, just being Black has become synonymous with some sort of calamity. Yet over this same period on calls and zoom, I’ve listened to uplifting stories and had beautiful conversations about #Blackjoy: moments, scenes, memories that celebrate Black families, relationships, culture, and history from adults and youth. 
I believed we needed to collect, honor, and share some of these stories. Therefore, I reached out to three organizations about creating a BlackJoy writing contest for adults and youth. Today, I am pleased to announce our first “BlackJoy” story writing contest in partnership with 826 Boston, Grubstreet, and MBK Boston. For more information on the submission requirements and prizes, see below. 

826 Boston: This contest is open to any youth residing in New England or New York between the ages of 12-19.

GrubStreet: Open to any resident over the age of 18 in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine) and New York state

Published by Thaddeus Miles

Artist, Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Black Man, PaPa, Photographer, HoodFit, Author, Traveler, Looking through the lens of life.

One thought on “BlackJoy Writing Contest

  1. Good Morning Thaddeus (Black Joy)! I am in awe every time I see where your journey is taking you! I am so thankful that we are connected! My eyes and ears are open wide as I come with my glass half full! Thank you for allowing me to share my own Black Joy moment during your grand opening! Keep on doing and sharing because it’s uplifting someone, it’s encouraging someone, it’s inspiring someone who just one day will become a great leader! Peace, love, joy, health, wealth as you continue to evolve!


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