Working More Than Dreaming

I know it’s been a while but we are working more than dreaming.

“To My Kin” Shipping June 19, 2021 
We built the online store and approved the sample copy, we are off to print!! Preorder Today

The book is an anthology of youth stories, poems, and narratives surrounding the theme of Black Joy. To My Kin was created as a reminder to youth that while we face challenging times, we have a story beyond trauma and must remember to center ourselves in joy. In this anthology, the youngest author featured is 11, and the oldest is 20.

The twenty-six talented young writers used their voices bravely and powerfully, and I want to do all that I can to amplify their stories and support their creativity. Here’s one of my favorites quotes from the book  

“We’re just gonna keep fighting 
We’re gonna laugh, dance, and smile
We’re gonna make sure you can hear us from a mile
We’re gonna do it for the ones that can’t
A Spark That Will Never Fizz—Jaela Ramos”

Purchase a copy for yourself, your family, organization, corporation, and consider purchasing complimentary copies of the book for groups and organizations that cannot afford the purchase price ($20). Honestly, we would love to have copies available in all 351 towns/cities in the commonwealth and beyond.

Published by Thaddeus Miles

Artist, Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Black Man, PaPa, Photographer, HoodFit, Author, Traveler, Looking through the lens of life.

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