Unapologetically Black by Maya McNeil

I am unapologetically Black.

Authentically me.

I stand with no shame in my name,

Walk with my head held high, never shy.

I talk with class but have a little bit of sass,

Teach people to do what they desire, and you, as a

person should inspire.

I am an unapologetically young Black girl,

A part of the youth where we are told false


But we, the youth, hold the truth.

Unapologetically me is making my dreams become


Knowing my worth but adding value to it,

Staying true to myself and others,

Believing in myself and overcoming fears

from time to time, wiping my own tears

and appearing to show my independence.

Authentically me.

Unapologetically Black.

Maya, 15, attends Wellesley High School. She loves writing spoken word poetry and the majority of her poems are based on mental health. Writing is a way for her to communicate and express herself and help people who struggle with mental health to cope with it with their words.

Except for the BlackJoy Project book “To My Kin

Published by Thaddeus Miles

Artist, Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Black Man, PaPa, Photographer, HoodFit, Author, Traveler, Looking through the lens of life.

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