BlackJoy Day Details

BlackJoy Day is a day to appreciate and celebrate our power to uplift ourselves and others even in the midst of the trials and tribulations that we face. It is an acknowledgement of our perseverance and determination to find and be the light that inspires us to march on until victory is won. BlackJoy does not negate our tears, fears or frustrations. Nor does it ignore our responsibility to assist in the rebuilding of our most vulnerable communities. BlackJoy undergirds our collective spirit to do more and be more through the grace of God and the legacy of our ancestors. It is a reminder that our laughter, the things we love, our unapologetic joy fuels our liberation.

Being mindful of the health/safety guidelines and restrictions because of CoVID-19, I am only hosting one in person community event on Saturday, September 12, 2020. I invite all nonprofits, businesses, youth lead organizations and you to join me for a physically distanced and masked sunrise service. The location will be determined shortly.  I encourage you to shop at a black owned business, eat in or take out from your favorite or try a new black owned restaurant. Host a small in person or virtual family event that sparks your BlackJoy. 

Most importantly, I invite you to commemorate BlackJoy Day by taking the day to fully embrace the things that fuel your spirit and bring you peace and joy.

Now, how do you get a BlackJoy t-shirt for September 12th? You have to be willing to share with us how you celebrated BlackJoy Day. Post your BlackJoy Day moments with the shirt on and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter wearing the shirt. Email me at for more information

Published by Thaddeus Miles

Artist, Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Black Man, PaPa, Photographer, HoodFit, Author, Traveler, Looking through the lens of life.

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