A Moment of Reflection

Good Morning, Today challenge, do something different. I’ve decided I’m going to fast from sunrise to sunset every Friday, here’s why.

My Wednesday Morning truth: Over the past several weeks, I’ve acted like all is good by ignoring my feeling of anger, shame, sadness, depression, and anxiety. I’ve moved like I’m not privileged by complaining to myself and others about zoom meetings, long lines at the market, and the boredom of sitting at home. Truth is I can have up to four devices on the internet at my house when my son and grandson are over, and I have every platform Netflix, Hulu, you name it, while others have no or limited access. I can purchase anything in the market I’m waiting to get in, while the person in front or behind me might be limited to what they can buy. I can get up any morning and drive an hour or two to see the sunrise at any beautiful beach in New England, while others have to risk their lives to ride the transit to get to work, by food or medicine, etc.

What am I saying? I’ve lost some of my grace and voice at times over the last few weeks. While I know all the details and doing work to change the impact of the virus, I haven’t truly felt what so many under-resourced black folk are going through right now. Nor have I been as brave and courageous with my voice as I usually am. 

Maybe some of you will fast with me. Perhaps some of you will lift your voice with me. I pray you will take a moment to reflect, tap into your grace, raise your voice, and lead. It’s time for us, so-called leaders, to do something different.

Published by Thaddeus Miles

Artist, Community Builder, Entrepreneur, Black Man, PaPa, Photographer, HoodFit, Author, Traveler, Looking through the lens of life.

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